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The mode of delivery for both the Degree and Diploma programmes is contact, requiring students to attend lectures on campus during the semester.

Each academic year has two five-month semesters. Each semester has five contact sessions, the final session also being the examination period. Each contact session comprises nine days a month, where students attend class, chapel, Sunday service, mentoring, conference/fraternal where applicable, and more.

The modular system of contact sessions is designed to commit the student to only about nine days of class a month. This is so that the student may continue to serve in his ministry without having to withdraw due to studies, and also to give him the opportunity to implement his studies in a real time manner.


Being located in Polokwane, away from the busy city life, the seminary offers a tranquil environment conducive for study.

The seminary also offers exceptional hostel facilities to accommodate students while in session. Each room is self-contained, and only shared between two students. Each student has his own partitioned desk and study light area, such that his roommate is not disturbed during late night studies. Each room also as wireless internet access to conveniently facilitate online research.


The seminary has a library on site with thousands of volumes of scholarly theological resources, commentary sets, journals, and more. The library also includes access to the faculty member’s individual libraries which comprises thousands of scholarly material as well. The seminary has also undertaken to upgrade the library with a selection of relevant books, and has so far spent over R100,000 in 2014, with a significant amount of more spending envisioned within the year.

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